One of my best friends got engaged a few years back and her fiancé insisted on a “family only” wedding. This, unfortunately, meant that I wasn’t on the guest list. And since I hate missing out on a good time, I offered to become a civil celebrant in order to attend and officiate the ceremony and save them some cash in the process.

While I was completing my celebrant studies, a few more couples asked me to do their weddings to the point where it’s now become a big part of my professional life and one that draws on my own love of romance and men in suits.

I’ve been a producer and writer for TV, print and radio for the last 13 years, so my career has been all about communicating stories, giving Australians a voice and making dreams come true.

With my friends who have already been married, I’ve caught bouquets, cried in jewellery stores and said yes to the dress. These are some of my favourite memories, so it’s an honour now to create ceremonies with couples for their biggest of big days. And I’m aware of both the privilege to be involved, and the pressure to get it right.

A few people have said good things about me on the review page, but you’ll only know if I’m right for you and your partner by getting in touch.

I’d describe working with me as personal, thorough and to the point. I’ll also make sure your ceremony is completely unique to you and your partner so it’s not the same as every other wedding you’ve been to.

Have a great day and good luck with your plans!



Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia



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