Equal Love is part of the nationwide campaign to achieve marriage equality in Australia. Our aim is to put pressure on the government, through protest and other actions, to end discrimination against LGBTI people in relation to marriage.

Equal Love was formed in 2004 following the Howard governments amendment of the Marriage Act which restricted marriage to between a man and a woman.

It has been over a decade since then – that’s over a decade of state-sanctioned discrimination!

If you are a supporter of marriage equality we encourage you to be a part of the many actions and demonstrations organised by Equal Love.

We believe these actions are crucial to putting politicians under pressure to change the law, keep the issue of equality in the public spotlight and to winning more support amongst the broader community for the campaign.

At our demonstrations we often have local celebrities, entertainers and community groups both speaking and leading the marches, and Equal Love is famous for organising the annual mid-winter vows – effectively a mass illegal wedding – every August on the anniversary of the Marriage Act amendment.

We also encourage people to invite contingents of supporting friends, family & workmates to the demonstrations, as well as to bring placards, banners and anything else that will help to show your support for equal rights. We also welcome supportive community groups to have a presence at our events.

The more of us there are standing together for equality, the better!

Every year our protests have received national media coverage, taking the cause of equality to the living rooms of millions of Australians. In this way, we hope to create more visibility for LGBTI people, foster greater pride, and challenge homophobia and discrimination.

Public opinion is already on our side, and together we can turn this into an overwhelming majority, and force our politicians to listen and act.



“We’re here to try and change the law in terms of our equal rights, but the bottom line is these politicians will soon be irrelevant”

— Magda Szubanski, Rally of 4,000 at the State Library of VIC, 2012



Melbourne, Victoria

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