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Countries where it is legal (and soon to be) to wed your same sex partner.

Here is a complete list of the countries where same-sex marriage has been or is soon to be legalised: Legal: Australia (2017) Malta (2017) Germany (2017) Columbia (2016) United States (2015) Greenland (2015) Ireland (2015) Finland (2015) Luxembourg (2014) Scotland (2014) England and Wales (2013) Brazil (2013) France (2013) New Zealand (2013) Uruguay (2013) Denmark […]

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Australia’s SSM situation 6 months on

It has been six months since Australia declared that marriage is no longer an exclusively heterosexual institution. In that time, about 2,500 same-sex couples have been married, with NSW recording the most weddings, closely followed by Victoria and Queensland. Many more couples, who married overseas before marriage equality was achieved here, have finally had their marriages recognised under Australian […]

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A right Royal same sex wedding

Queen Elizabeth II’s distant cousin, who is openly gay, announced he was to wed his partner this summer. It will be the first same-sex marriage in the extended British royal family. “It’s symbolic,” said royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.“The royals were in a form of straitjacket before about who they could marry. And there was a […]

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Sydney Festival Celebrates Australia’s First Day Of Same-Sex Weddings

On 9 January, the first day that same-sex couples can formally marry in Australia, Sydney Festival will host a giant wedding reception for Sydney to celebrate all the couples officiating their love and commitment through marriage. The reception offers the opportunity to bathe in a bright pink swimming pool, entry to dance up a storm […]

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Who didn’t vote for Marriage Equality?

Who abstained from the same-sex marriage vote? Barnaby Joyce (Nationals) Tony Abbott (Liberals) Andrew Hastie (Liberals) Michael Sukkar (Liberals) Kevin Andrews (Liberals) Scott Morrison (Liberals) George Christensen (LNP) Rick Wilson (Liberals) Stuart Robert (Liberals) Bert van Manen (Liberals) What about no votes? Bob Katter (independent) Russell Broadbent (Liberal) Keith Pitt (Nationals) David Littleproud (Nationals)

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